How I trained my 10 year old dog to use the Potty :-)

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By: Mónica Santa

Working in advertising I have a very unpredictable schedule every day. My sweet Lupe couldn’t just wait to do her business until the hour I arrived. I live in an apartment so there is no “outside” patio she can use. I managed to teach her to go in the balcony space, but this would turn out to be a heavy cleaning job every single day, two to four times a day.

For 10 years this was the method that I use, wishing that there would be some what “a better way”. We needed and option that looked good with the rest of the house, somewhat decorative, and that could help us get on with our lives without the smell and endless cleaning days. Some new options of potty training started appearing in the last few years, with very nice looking kits and very simple way and reasonable cleaning methods that really made sense to me. BUT…. how could I train my 10 year old dog? I really thought it would be impossible to teach her how to use it now.

But what could I lose?  I though “well, lets give it a try”.

So this is my experience. 🙂

I bought the cuttiest Potty that fitted in my very narrow balcony. Because I live in Puerto Rico, it was impossible for the company to send me natural grass, so I decided to go with the synthetic, but this kind is a little harder for pets to be trained. :-/

It arrive, I was excited! So immediately I installed it. Easy.


First, I waited for Lupe to pee, and soaked a handy wipe on her pee. I put the soaked handy wipe on the bottom of the grass. Closed the door of the balcony until she wanted to pee. 

Of course when I open the door, Lupe went straight to the floor next to the potty trainer. But as she was doing her business I said a loud no!, picked her up while peeing and position here gently in the potty to finish. Then I praised her with claps, running, petting and treats. She soon realized that peeing in the potty was very celebrated by mom and dad.

First Day: Get to know the potty. Introduce the potty with lots of praises and celebration.

Second Day/ Third Day: Everybody makes mistakes. You have to be part of the process, so it helps to realize that  you may need to spend a weekend home supervising you dog. Always be there to say no, reposition outside made “poo-poo” on potty in front of your dog and praise. Dogs learn by PRAISING. Always remember that.

Fourth Day: SUCCESS! Be patient and gentle with your dog. It may take more time than 4 days. My dog actually has a little bit of training, so she responds easily to treats and praise. For my Dog,  pooping in the potty deck was easier than going pee-pee. Just keep trying.

To clean up.

  • Buy a bowl to pick up the urine and position below the deck. There are many systems that provide this already. Some of them, you will have to purchase apart.

  • Put some cleaner on a spray bottle and use it to refresh the synthetic grass daily
  • Use a watering pot to cleanse your grass every day.
  • I bought this product and I put it in the bowl, so it solidifies the urine and water and eliminates any nasty odors, until a dispose the pee off the bowl. You can just throw it in the trash. Is a wonder!

Click here to buy on SMELLEZE on Amazon. 


Remember that your Dog is always your best friend, and he will try to do as best as he can.

Good Luck! Happy Potty training!!!

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